Pennsylvania is Now a School Choice State!

Marisol Rodriguez with Jonathan

That’s Correct!!  In 2012, the Harrisburg legislature approved Act 85 that provides, among other things, tuition grants for any child living in Pennsylvania, provided your school board votes to provide the scholarships.  This legislation has been hidden in plain sight, mostly because school board members don’t want parents like you lowering the enrollment of your school district.

Enter the above link on your browser.  Scroll down to section 1711, paragraph G1.  It outlines a thorough, precise and detailed program for your school board to provide tuition grants for your child....if they want to.  You need to go to the school board, either with your conservative state rep, or an attorney, and ask for this tuition money.


Bring additional parents that go to your private school and let the Board know they have the power to do this.  Your board will probably act dumb and say they dont know anything about it, but this is because most of them are former public school teachers or have family members that work for the district.  So, give them copies of this section.

Be persistent.  Explain that the cost of a small tuition grant is much less than what they pay for charter school tuition, or the money they spend to teach your child in their own school.

Ask your School Board for a Tuition Grant
at the next board meeting!