Help a child achieve his maximum potential in a better school.

Each year, CEO America, Lehigh Valley receives over 1,000 letters from parents desperate to pull their children out of failing broken schools, and into better private or religious schools.

Prior Scholarship Recipients Even with the generosity of some of the largest banks and corporations in the Lehigh Valley, we can help only 50-75 children per year get a better education. Even though Jim and Judy Saunders, founders of CEO America match the scholarship contributions, most of the children fall through the cracks and never get any help.

Prior Scholarship RecipientsWe know that over 50% of kids in Pennsylvania's inner city schools do not graduate. Where do they go? Without a good education, many turn to a life of crime, drugs and alcohol. They wind up in prison, cemetaries, and crematoriums.

Prior Scholarship RecipientsYour help is really needed. Making a tax deductible contribution of any amount to CEO America, assures that some child right here in Pennsylvania will get help staying out of trouble.

Every dollar you give goes directly into the classroom. The Saunders family pays all the expenses, payroll and overhead that allows your contribution to be administered. Not one penny is used for salaries, advertising or rent.

Consider a tax deductible contribution now to:

CEO America, Lehigh Valley
1112 Mountain Road
Kempton, Pa. 19529