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Privacy Policy

CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley does not collect any personal identifying information about visitors to our web site. We do not capture your e-mail address, obtain data from your hard drive or gain confidential or sensitive information about you. We guard against unauthorized access to individual and family household information received with scholarship applications. We are committed to protecting our visitors with the same care.

PLEASE NOTE: Our web site contains links to other sites and resources on the Internet that are not part of CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley, or under our control. If you use (click on) these links, our Privacy Statement does not apply.

CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley will fully cooperate with local, state and federal authorities if criminal or legal investigations ever require it. THIS IS THE LAW.

If you have any questions regarding this statement, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

To demonstrate our commitment to your privacy the FAQ below fully discloses what information our web site and systems collect and how we use it.

EVERY WEB SITE on the Internet collects certain information about your visit.

CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley wants you to know exactly how we handle it.

Do we share information that we collect with anyone?
More importantly... Do we ever sell information to third parties?

NO and NO. CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley never releases information to third parties about our web site visitors, nor about individual and family household information received with scholarship applications.

What information is gathered about you when you visit

All web sites, ours included, collect certain information about your connection such as the date and time the site was accessed and the web browser used, along with other technical elements of your connection like your IP address.

What information is NOT collected? does not set or remember any information about you or your system (sometimes referred to as "cookies") on our web site.

Unless you specifically and intentionally send us email or fill-in forms on the web site, you HAVE NOT TRANSFERRED ANY personal information (such as email address, real name or telephone numbers) to us.

What do we do with the information we do collect?

We use data from the web site mostly to determine the level of interest in the information we provide and to maintain proper functioning of our site. We CAN NOT identify a specific visitor by real name, email address or other personal information.

If you have provided us with personal information via e-mail or online forms, the information is ONLY used internally to handle your request.


CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley upholds and adheres to a strict confidentiality policy regarding the personal nature of the individual and family household information received with our scholarship applications. We will neither discuss nor release any information on a child or family who has submitted an application to our organization, with the exception of any general information requested by the qualified administrative personnel of the school where the child has been registered to attend and for the exclusive purpose of processing the scholarship grant for payment directly to the school on behalf of the child.

For the purpose of marketing and public relations, CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley does receive the parent's or guardian's written permission to release the name(s) of their child or children who are awarded scholarships to the media.

CEOAMERICA, Lehigh Valley regularly obtains the academic grades and progress reports on the scholarship recipients, with the permission of the parents or guardians, for data analysis and the evaluation of our scholarship program as a whole. This data is compiled and quantified in a general format that does not reveal the individual identities of the scholarship recipients or the schools that they are attending. The final analysis reports are available to the general public, upon request, or as may be published in our organization's annual report.